When Franc Aledia released his self-titled debut album to an audience of 30 or so in a small pub on the east side of Columbus, Ohio no one there, including himself, could have imagined that just two years later his next album would be released on the LATE SHOW with David Letterman to a world wide audience.


As the lead singer and co-writer/producer of the Los Angeles-based BRACK, he achieved international success when he co-wrote the single, LEGEND OF THE SPEEDWAY with Indianapolis 500 winner and X games gold medalist, Kenny Brack for Kenny's mentor and racing legend, A.J. Foyt.

Foyt's official song was used by the Indy Racing League (IRL) as the soundtrack to the 91st running of the Indianapolis 500 and it's tribute honoring AJ Foyt's 50 YEARS OF OPEN WHEEL RACING. It was the only song other than Gene Simmons’ "I AM INDY" that was endorsed by the IRL and the Indy 500. The Video for the song made both music and sports history and was featured on ABC, ESPN, and SpeedTV.

Aledia appeared with Brack in the IPO parade with Gene Simmons, Peyton Manning, Patrick Dempsey, and Danica Patrick and co-headlined the Indy 500 live music concert lineup with Daughtry, Kid Rock, and Saliva performing in front of 55,000+  and a worldwide television audience.


His music has been featured on radio stations in Sweden, London, Japan, and the US and is part of the soundtrack to NASCAR superstar Kasey Kahne's DVD "DIRT AND DRIFT."


Since then he has shared credits, stages and studios with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Prince's "Purple Rain"), Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Will Smith), Machine (Grammy nominated producer-Lamb of God, White Zombie), Gene Simmons, Zac Brown, Chris Hesse (Hoobastank), Michael James (Hole, Janes Addiction), David Margolis and many more.


Spending three years performing on the BMG music circuit as their top-rated artist he brought his energetic and engaging show to Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Raleigh, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Greensboro, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and Columbus.


He has performed at CBGB, House of Blues Chicago, Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, The Newport Music Hall, LC Pavilion(Lifestyle Communities Pavilion) inside and outside, The Bitter End(NYC), The Lions Den(NYC), Arlene’s Grocery(NYC), The Living Room(NYC), the Indianapolis 500 and the IPO Parade to name a few.


He had music featured on MTV shows UNDRESSED, ROAD RULES and MAKING THE VIDEO.


In 2018 he continues to write, record and perform and will be releasing new music and videos throughout the year.



Recording Contracts/Labels:


- Virgin Records - Major

- Amethyst/Universal - Independent

- Luna Sea - Independent

- Ma Records - Independent

- Niche Records - Independent

- Mutual In Mutiny Records - Independent


Radio Singles

- Last Time (written, recorded and produced by Franc Aledia performed by his band AS IS)

- Convertible (written, recorded and produced by Franc Aledia performed by his band Zedos)

- Whoʼs Holding You Tonight (written, recorded and produced by Franc Aledia performed by   Franc Aledia )

- Today Forever (written, recorded and produced by Franc Aledia performed by his band Brack)

-Legend Of The Speedway (written, recorded and produced by Franc Aledia performed by his band Brack)

-Come Together (written, recorded and produced by Franc Aledia performed by his band Fur Coat Foxes)


Album Credits and Notable Shares:


- Bernie Grundman (Prince “Purple Rain”, Michael Jackson “Thriller”): BRACK “Greatest Hits Vol. I"

- Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Will Smith): BRACK “Greatest Hits Vol. I"

- Machine (Lamb of God, White Zombie): Zedos “Convertible”

- Pete Keppler (David Bowie): As Is “Self-entitled”

- David Margolis (Live, David Ryan Harris) Zedos “Mutual In Mutiny”

- Michael James (New Radicals, Chicago) BRACK “Greatest Hits Vol. I"

- John Deley (Dido) - BRACK “Greatest Hits Vol. I"




- Peopleʼs Court - self

- Star Search - self

- Late Show with David Letterman - Music


- ESPN - Indy 500 coverage - Self

- ESPN - IPO Indy 500 Parade - Self

- SPEEDTV - Video/Music

- ABC, ESPN - Video/Music


- Domininion Homes - Music




- “100 Years of Flight

- Kasey Kahne Drift and Dirt

- Making The Video - Legend of The Speedway.

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