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"I was taught the wrong meaning of insane..."
#366in2020 lyric

I met my childhood rock idol. that is all.


Things Nobody Wants To Hear (Song 83).JP

"Closed for good" is one thing you don’t ever want to hear.

This cover is a pic of my old laundromat in German Village. Yet another place that closed its doors for good in the village. I spent many hours there and the smell was always so awesome in the summer when the door was open. I look back at the pictures of what it was and I instantly remember the smell and waiting on that bench while drinking Starbucks.


I was so shocked to see how many more things have closed in the village. Only great memories and a few friends are there now. We will all bounce back from this but German Village will never be the same. 

Day 1 Journal page

My first journal page 1. 2020

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