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March 29, 2024

In The Studio

I have never been as excited and absolutely terrified as I am now to announce that my new single is coming out this spring!  I peeled away all the armour and am fully naked - emotionally - on this new one. I can't wait to share this long hazardous journey with all of you but at the same time, since I'm usually very private about this subject, I'm worried for what will be very obvious reasons.


It's going to be incredibly liberating not to hide my feelings about this subject any more. Unfortunately, I have made many mistakes in my life... this one needed addressed. The only way I know how to talk about setbacks is through music. 


April 29, 2024

The F.A.M gets a very special treat!

At midnight tonight the F.A.M. gets a very special exclusive treat for being such amazing friends and for all their continued support. By being part of the "FAM" they will receive a download of my new single that is out May 8, 2024 AND first look at the new single's official page a full week before it is available on this site and everywhere you listen to or download music.

It will also be available on my new vanity label, Pudekcuf Records site! With this label, I can release music more frequently while still maintaining my relationship and release schedule with Alternator Records! 

There will be many more exclusives, discounts on music and merch, and V.I.P. giveaways! 2024 is going to be full of surprises and firsts. Join now and don't miss a thing!

Don't Miss out!

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