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Memory Town Monday

Monday's we explored a critical part of the music career history of Franc Aledia with never before seen videos, pictures, stories and insights into his musical journey to this point. It all started Monday, April 11th 2022 with the project that he says, "saved my life" - ZEDOS.

That Monday started from the beginning and how he went from completely quitting music all together to creating a project that would become the most important band he ever had and the only reason he is still a singer/songwriter and musician to this day.


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April 11, 2022 - present

Episode List

Season 1
MTM S1 ep1 preview.JPG

Episode I - "Castles In the Sand"               11-Apr. 2022

watch Episode I OUT NOW!

The first episode of Memory Town Music takes us back to the beginning of what shaped Franc Aledia as an artist and made him what he is today.  Featuring footage, never seen before and Franc's song "Castles In the Sand". 

MTM S1 ep2 preview.JPG

Episode II - "Chase the Rainbow"              18-Apr. 2022

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Memory Town Music Episode II takes a look back at the time when balancing family and a music career was new and extremely challenging. It formed Franc as an artist and showed him how to balance everything he loves. 

Ep III Promo Poster.JPEG

Episode III - " I"             25-Apr. 2022

Watch Episode III OUT NOW!

When we got the call from our manager/producer, David Margolis informing us that Thinking Pictures wanted us to appear on their show ROCK.COM we knew things were happening for us now.

Promo Still 1 MTM IV.JPG

Episode IV - " - Part II"                2-May. 2022

Watch Episode IV OUT NOW! continues with Episode IV. With never before seen footage of ZEDOS performing WALKED ON live on

MTM Episode V.JPG

Memory Town Music Episode V goes back to ZEDOS when we traveled to Hoboken (NJ) to record our second album “CONVERTIBLE” at the legendary Mutiny Zoo to record on the same recording desk that Paul Simon recorded his Grammy Award winning album, GRACELAND. 

Episode V - "Convertible"                9-May. 2022

Watch Episode V OUT NOW!

Season 2

Coming Soon!

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